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"From ’35 on it was a question of, the conversation, the conversations were mainly about who had left Germany, how one would get out of Germany, what one expected would happen, did we really think that Hitler meant us." -- Vera Coppard, Holocaust survivor

"But the ultimate goal is destruction of the Jews and the Gypsies and whoever else you could depopulate Russia and make it into a
lebensraum." -- Ted Lehman, Holocaust survivor

"They forced us off the road, on the opposite side of the road, and I know it was at least a mile and a half of prisoners, and you could see that they had been in a prison camp for some length of time. Small children, older people, they could barely walk." -- Irvin Roberts, American POW, Death March Witness

"And the thing that I always tried to do....was to sit down and record everything they knew" -- Alan Lomax